Rip, Shred, Create!

Making pulp into a beautiful Sun image....

Making pulp into a beautiful Sun image….

Art that Heals!

Did you know that the top seller on Amazon Books these days is a coloring book for grown-ups?! Odd as it may seem, this trend reflects a growing awareness that playful artistic experiences can dramatically reduce stress!

We all started out in life, clutching crayons or “writing” with mud. I remember waking up one morning to find that my four year old had discovered a most unusual coloring material…he was using buttery fingers to draw on our Adobe walls. The oil made a lasting deep brown color on the tan walls. I suspect that “making his mark” on those walls has remained to this day for the new owners to enjoy!

I use other materials to “make my mark” but the stress relief and personal satisfaction is the same as my son’s as he sat there grinning over his creation. My personal favorite these days harkens back to the days of tactile experiences with mud and butter! I get out my blender and throw in bits of plant fiber, recycled paper and dryer lint. These ingredients are ground up and suspended in water to create handmade paper.

It’s that earthy experience of water and fibrous pulp that seems to drain away whatever is bothersome. And then when you can transform simple things into something new and beautiful, the spirit seems to lift off the earth!!

Artistic opportunities are a powerful, non-verbal way to experience renewal, relaxation and intuitive leaps! That’s why I started a business to offer therapeutic art classes. What I am seeing is that such experiences, offered in a group environment become a celebration of the human spirit!

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Water, lint, fiber and old paper= pulp fun

Water, lint, fiber and old paper= pulp fun

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