Catholic Art and the Call to Silence

My artwork as a Catholic artist.

My artwork as a Catholic artist.

I am a Catholic artist. My work reflects my journey to connect with the heavenly realms where “the dawn from on high shall break upon us.”

About 25 years ago, I showed my work in galleries and it was so popular I couldn’t keep up with orders! I had to have hired help back then. My message, although otherworldly, was different than it is now.

The quality and style of my art is the same but my audience has changed. Where are you my dear audience? I need to find you now!

I want to inspire you with sculptures of our heavenly Mother who looks down on our world with concern. I want to see you surrounded with the hope that comes from “the Word made flesh.” I want to direct your prayers to the saints who struggled and stayed joyous.

It is my hope that through sculpted paper, or paintings with sculpted additions, I can intrigue you and support your prayer life. We are called to go deeper into the silence where Truth speaks and God can be known more fully!

Won’t you contact me to learn more?

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