About Unwind Studio: Where Art Relieves Stress

Unwind Studio is the place to come and create…for NON-Artists!

Creativitylove protects can be great fun. It connects us with our inner child and with our Creator. Whether we dabble in paint or shred paper to create something new, art can be relaxing and rewarding. This is the new thing (that isn’t new at all)! It’s all the rage spreading across the country….Art and Wine Parties. The newest “Night Out” event.

What makes Unwind Studio unique is the vast experience of founder Judith Costello. Judith has over 30 years of experience in the arts: first as an art therapist, then as an exhibiting artist and then as the author of craft columns and book illustrations.  Come and find out why Unwind Studio is special!

Our projects aren’t confined to stretched canvas. We will be exploring various materials. See the pages here for details. And follow are blog to learn more about the power of creativity!

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